The Advantages of the Inverter

The electric motor, asynchronous, three-phase, with squirrel cage rotor, responds to the control of said voltage, where if the speed between the two electric quantities is kept constant, the motor is able to always express the same consumption, regardless of the speed of rotation. With variable speed drives it is possible to better adapt the motor power to the load function.

We know that fluids vary their characteristics with changes in temperature and being able to respond to these changes brings energy benefits. The economy in the present case also depends on the characteristics of the electric motor.

The most important point is that energy savings are achieved by using the drive of the inverter to vary the flow rate of the fluid rather than mechanical systems such as dampers, throttling valves, etc.

The benefits and advantages that can be obtained can usually be summarized in considerable energy savings depending on the load conditions, savings in operating and maintenance costs, reduction of the input current, reduction of noise in the hydraulic circuits and correction of the factor Of load power to a value close to a power factor.

Learn ways to install an indirect start on the electric motor

There are several ways to realize in an electric motor the indirect starting and with that the result will be a reduction of the starting current of the three-phase electric motor and between these forms are: Star Triangle; Compensatory Match (Auto-Trafo); Rotary acceleration (Motor with winding rotor); Electronic Items.

This, however, is not so simple because to reduce the starting current of the electric motor, which is the main source of excitation of the magnetic field of the three-phase electric motor, will cause some damage.

With the reduction of the current, the reduction of the torque / torque of the electric motor will also suffer a reduction, so it is necessary to have an indirect starting quantity that will be chosen according to the application. SKF-Bearing 6308 2ZJEM

The triangle star wrench will reduce the rated current of the electric motor by 33% and respectively the torque which is also 33%. If the starting of the electric motor is autotrap the current may be reduced from 42 to 64% of the nominal and the torque will also follow that amount.

Place of installation of the electric motor of explosion

Place of installation of the electric motor of explosion must be free of the presence of water

Due to its density, the explosion-proof electric motor must receive special attention with the safety criteria, because when it comes into direct contact with its part, it is energized.

Before installing an electric motor of explosion, it is necessary to evaluate frequently the environment in which the electric motor of explosion will be installed. If the area where the electric motor will be installed is for some reason washed, the degree of protection will need to be analyzed according to the need to have a protection that is larger or not, as this will prevent the electric motor from premature failure Due to the entry of water into the bearings, for example.

If you wish to purchase an explosion-proof electric motor, you must be certain that the manufacture of the explosion-proof electric motor has been manufactured in accordance with both national and international standards which are completely rigid and marketed only by an authorized dealer. bearings for the best price

Operation of synchronous and induction electric motor

Basic Differences Between the Operation of the Synchronous Electric Motor and the Electric Induction Motor

The synchronous electric motor operates at a speed that is always constant and making use of an armature that relies on a field that is constant and defined previously. Because of this, the response to the dragging process that is created by the spinning field tends to increase.

In general, the synchronous electric motor requires stable speeds due to variable loads and this electric motor can be used when it requires great power as long as the torque is always constant.

The induction electric motor always operates at a steady speed and will vary slightly as the mechanical load is placed on the axis of the induction electric motor.

As it is very simple, the induction electric motor is the most suitable to be applied in almost all types of machines that are actuated in a practical way. In the current way, it is possible to control the speed of the electric induction motor provided that the assistance of the frequency inverters is assisted.

Marinized Phantom Electric Motor 54 LB

Marinized Phantom Electric Motor 54 LB is designed to be used in salt water

The 54 LB marinized Phantom electric motor is an engine that should be used as an auxiliary engine adapted to the bow of fishing boats. The 54 LB marinized Phantom electric motor is used as the main aft propulsion to replace the outboard when the purpose is to navigate in waters that are not flowing. This electric motor is equivalent to a 2.3 HP outboard motor.

The 54 LB marine phantom electric motor is suitable for use on saltwater, as the sea damages the conventional material of fishermen and this electric motor is able to withstand the corrosion caused by seawater in the electric motor. The electric motor features quiet power with savings in 34, 44 and 54 lbs versions.

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The 54 LB marinized Phantom electric motor consumes at speed 1, 16A / hour; At speed 2, consumption reaches 26A / hour; Already in speed 3, the electric motor Phantom marinizado 54 LB consumes 36A / hour; Already at speed four, consumption reaches 46A per hour and at speed 5, the electric motor will consume 60A per hour.